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There are many health care professionals trying their very best with great care and compassion but perfection is a little way off!
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Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come". - (Julius Caesar - Act II, Scene II).

Tuesday, 5 January 1971


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Flexible Cystoscopy is a method of introducing a camera or instruments into the bladder to facilitate viewing/investigating the condition of the bladder, the visible part of the prostate gland and the two entries from the left and right kidneys.

The procedure is conducted with a cystoscope which can also introduce a number of instruments into the bladder to perform various procedures.

The tube of a flexible cystoscope is approximately the diameter of a large conventional drinking straw snd can be introduced without pain but to reduce discomfort a slightly anaethetising lubricant is used to introduce the cystoscope through the aperture of the urethra - the tube that voids urine from the bladder.

The female urethra is less complex and is only 4-5cms. long (1.5 > 2 inches) that of males is approximately 20cms. in length (8inches) passing through the penis and through the prostate gland into the bladder with a couple of channels joining the urethra for the introduction of semen and ejaculate from the testese and prostate respectively.

You can watch a video almost 7 minutes long explaining the procedures associated with Flexible Cystoscopy if you CLICK HERE
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I Have Been Fighting Cancer since 1997 & I'M STILL HERE!
I Have Cancer, Cancer Does NOT Have Me

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