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Monday, 4 July 2011

SKELETAL SCANS! - My Haloween Portrait?

SKELETAL SCANS! - My Haloween Portrait? 
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I guess not many people's blogs have a full frontal (Anterior) and rear (Posterior) picture of the blogger without clothes.

What a relief it is a skeletal scan rather than a normal photograph!

I gather this shows no signs of cancer in the bones nor signs of gross tumours elsewhere. It was a huge relief when I was declared 'bone sound'! It is not a deffinite repriev but it is not the death sentence it might have been.

NEDM - No Evidence of Distant Metastases.

For the fuller write up of when the scan was done CLICK HERE

04-Apr-2011 - 10:10hrs? - Royal Gwent - Full Body Bone Scan
Be in for 09:30hrs. pick up bloods sheet from urology & see phlebotomy FIRST - the Radiography for the full skeletal scan on a machine quite like this:

The shadow of the remaining kidney on the Right side.
The massive hernia to Left abdomen
The skeletal distortion due to hernia.
This is the same Anterior image but on a 'Pulse' setting! Yeah, I'm not sure what the settings are/mean but when I find out I'll add it in!
The remaining Right Kidney shows up much better on this scan where it is closer to the back than front.
You can also see the spinal deformity due to the very visible Left side hernia.
This is the same Posterior image but on a 'Pulse' setting! Yeah, I'm not sure what the settings are/mean but when I find out I'll add it in!
On this setting various new things become visible - I'm not sure I will guess them right but I'll have a go and obviously my hard core medical info. is subject to correction by someone who knows what they are talking about - rather than my semie informed guesses in this instance!
Mid thorax there is a puzzling anomaly which had everyone guessing for a while but after further XRays on another machine it was decided the strangely vacant area was probably some long past injury but was NOT thought to be cancerous, malignant or threatening (I got the impression no one quite knows what has caused it!

Moving down I believe that the 'flares' just above the bladder may well be Lymph Nodes that are enlarged, cancerous and necrotic (But I'm not sure!). I may be entirely wrong as on the previous pic. the two flares seem to be aligned with a part of the pelvis!

Then there is a 'flare on the outer left of the bladder upper which would seem to be the uretal stump which has become cancerous and is the current primary that must be 'zapped' (Medical term for can we kill it before we kill the patient!!

Anyone who can throw further light on these scans on a professional basis in lay/patient language would be much appreciated.

Do please send me an 'e'mail and I will OBVIOUSLY protect your professional identity if you so wish.

Thank you and I'm sure those reading this blog will appreciate any help you can give, particularly corrections and developement of my comments!
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  1. That scan can actually be used to a haloween party. i am thinking of how to make it as a costume. Any ideas? Also I have found another Halloween Decorating Ideas too and I guess it looks better.