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Tuesday, 5 April 2011




To view The Scan Images CLICK HERE

having eventually gone to sleep last night (well actually this morning) I had the alarm set for 07:15hrs. so that I would have time to get up have a shower and leave at 08:00hrs. although it is only half an hour to Newport I had no idea what so called rush hour would be like and I had to find parking so not wanting to be late the day started early for me.

Lee had slept in the spare bedroom partly because I have become a VERY restless sleeper and I didn't want to wake her leaving but she was up making me coffee when I stumbled out of bed at 07:30hrs.

Lee is being very stoic but it is not possible to hide her fear - understandably, she has known me since 1974 or 5 and we have been together now for 26 years for more hours of the day than most as we have worked together all of that time.

Anyway of I go and as for rush hour in Newport one wonders if ANYONE works as the traffic was light and the main bus queues were school children off to school - The industries of Newport are long cone, the tool makers, the steel works, the coal industry and the docks to be replaced by a raft of useless bureaucrats and a collection of naff lumps of tortured iron work trying to be passed off as art!

Newport is a truly horid town with nothing going for it and it has been said that if Britain was to be given an ennema the tube would be put in Newport - but clearly that was said by someone who hasn't been to either Bettws and it is Cardiff Bay that produces the largest output of noxious flatulence!!

0840hrs. in the hospital on the Urology unit saw Steph picked up a slip for bloods from Janet and off on the trek to Phlebotomy - in and done by 09:30hrs. and off to find Nuclear Medicine on floor 3.

Arrived early for the appointment and apparently my dosage has to sit and lose strength for about 15 minutes so I went for a coffee. Back spot on just as a yound woman about 37/8 emerges with her Mother and having had a Nuclear treatment is told to be back in two hours - I reminded her that although it was Newport she must be sure not to get pregnant in those two hours as it said on all the forms stay away from pregnant women and babies (My Pleasure!!).

Oh well they laughed and it broke the gloom and trepidation in the waiting room!! (It transpired later that the poor woman has had Crohn's Disease for 18 years steadily getting worse!)

Straight in and a tiny needle in the right arm this time fill with blood and then evacuate into my arm!

I gather this is Tritium and Phosphate or some such (as I recal Tritium is an isotope of water!! I presume the phosphate is to make it 'stick') - I am now sent off for 3 hours to let this permeate my bone structure where I gather it will show up hot spots!!

For a Hospital the main canteen is quite pleasant and airey so whilst I read the papers and drank my required two pints of fluid - I pondered why everyone is so horrified at the idea of reorganising The NHS.

Perhaps someone can tell me why in an NHS canteen there are so many junk tinned and bottled fizzy drinks, water in plastic sterate bottles, fatty food, fried and or with batter!

This leads to the obvious outcome - I can think of nowher I could go with an edless succession of grossly over weight people and the patients are, many of them, even fatter!

13:00hrs. and I'm well cooked and ready for the Rotisserie!

A Machine Very Similar To This!

On the bed ready to roll - well NOT really, the machine which had a new control part fitted on Thursday is now on the blink!

Back into the waiting room whilst they hit the machine with a bigger hammer and some choice 'word', after a reboot or two its off again!

The 3 huge 'cameras?' swing into position and the one above me starts to pulse up and down with my breathing 2" from my nose and then it starts and for 25 minutes I slowly emerge leaving a trail on the VDU!!

Another wait whilst the Radiographer has a look at the scan and then off to X Ray as there is an area seemingly ajoining the spine mid rib cage right hand side that they are not happy about.

NOT HAPPY!! You can guess how 'Happy' I am!!
So it is onto the big overhead XRay machine and half a dozen plates from strange angles!

I have this nasty feeling they are hunting for a soft tissue image of a possible tumour on, in or by the spine!

Sadly it is above everyones' pay grade to count me in on the Easter Egg Hunt!

I guess it is good for their figures, as if they can make you wait they have every chance the stress will give you a coronary and you die on someone else's statistical sheets!

Oh well all will be revealed on Wednesday and Janet has me in for an appointment with Doctor Lester at 12:00hrs.

I dropped the car off with Derek on the way home and he ran me home as he is going to put the car through MOT between my appointments and ensure it is reliable and won't let Lee or I down for appointments or when we need it. The last thing we need is car hastles at the moment!

My thanks to Derek - we have a small number of very reliable friends and it has been quite humbling that so many UKIP branch chairmen, members and etc (to prevent embarrassment) have written, eMailed and phoned to wish me well and beg me not to quit keeping them informed as I am the only source (with Junius) of honest information they trust, with a proven track record, that informs them about their own Party!

Well we can't let a bit of tedious cancer get in the way of the flow of news in defence of these United Kingdoms can we!

Thanks for your support it is hugely valued as is that of the many other friends who have contacted me.

I just want to say sorry for copping out at times and leaving Lee and friends to cope!
Any help and support YOU can give her will be hugely welcome.
I do make a lousy patient!
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